speak、talk、say、tell 都有“说”的意思,但它们的意义和用法不同。 speak“讲话、发言、演说”,后面跟人做宾语要加介词 to, speak 作及物动词时后面跟各种语言;


Advice for entrepreneurs and other leaders on public speaking, pitches, and other presentations. Intimidated by virtual presentations? An expert shares how you can make the pivot from trepidation to enthusiasm. Use your story, voice, and bo

i. Is he telling me the truth? j. I like talking to her.

Talk speak tell

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Tell said say saying says speak speaking talking tell told I don't know. , 'I'm drowning!'. 20. When I was young, children used to. Tell said say saying says speak speaking talking tell told I don't know. the truth to their parents. End of the free exercise to learn English: To speak/ to say/ …

Упражнение 2 на глаголы say, tell, speak, talk. Выберите наиболее  Say, Tell, Talk, or Speak?

Talk speak tell


Speak and talk are synonyms and in most cases interchangeable. The main difference between the 2 would be that “speak” is used in more formal situations and “talk” is for more informal conversations. Say , Tell, Speak ,Talk - What's the defference| Learn English Through AssameseYou can join our Whatsapp Group https://chat.whatsapp.com/FPTQ1YnkvLe4vSuuapcC Se hela listan på blog.abaenglish.com Speak is used when one person addresses a group, or to refer to a language. Talk suggests that two or more people are having a conversation.

Talk speak tell

(the matter is important and I need to inform this) · I am bit busy now, I will talk to you later. (let us have a conversation later) · Talk to her directly and sort out the issue. (ask her and listen to her opinion as well) · Can to tell in a particular way.
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Talk speak tell

Structure: say something to somebody. Tell is used when giving information. Structure: tell somebody something. 2014-06-02 Using “tell” to order someone. Another common way to use tell, which is much different to say, is when you’re going to order someone, or tell someone what to do.

· Peter, I told you not to eat any cookies before dinner!
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Say / Tell / Talk / Speak. A set of cards to practice the difference between confused words - say / speak / tell / talk. Good as a warm-up activity

5. Pull yourself together and stop GAME: Say, Tell, Speak, Talk Dominoes Level: Intermediate+ Language required: Forms, meanings and uses of say, tell, speak and talk, question and negative forms in different tenses. This game practices using all four verbs. Students need to be able to use the correct grammatical forms and understand the subtle differences in meaning. Instructions: 一、Say和Tell的用法. 我们先将say、tell、speak、talk这四个词分成两组,分别为: 第①组:say & tell,这两个词之后可以表示谈话的“细节”。 第②组:speak & talk,不能表示谈话的“细节”。 而“细节”是什么意思呢?举一个例子: The weatherman said it would rain today. tell: (말하는 대상과 내용에 초점) 말하다 – Jack would like to tell me about the new movie.